Wig-wearing bathroom photographer charged with voyeurism

BELLEVUE, Wash. — A man who police say was seen wearing a pink wig and sunglasses while taking photos of a woman in a bathroom stall has been charged with voyeurism.

Police were called to Bellevue College on Jan. 18 where a man was detained by security. A woman said she was in a restroom with her two friends when one saw an iPhone tipped toward her from underneath the adjoining stall.

The victim said as she washed her hands, she was able to look through the crack in the stall door and saw a person who appeared to be a man wearing a pink wig and sunglasses.

Security was alerted and the man, who had left the bathroom and was headed to his car, was detained until officers arrived.

Police said during questioning, the man confessed, and in a recorded statement, told a detective he was “testing boundaries,” but had not committed any sexual assaults.

Once warrants were obtained to search the man’s car and phone, police found photos of four women in bathroom stalls with their pants down.  Three of them were victims at Bellevue College and the fourth was at a location in Seattle.

The suspect, Robert Whitehead, has been charged with four counts of voyeurism and is scheduled to appear in King County Superior Court on June 11.