WATCH: 6-month-old becomes youngest water skier ever

6-month-old breaks unofficial record for youngest water skier ever

Water skiing is no easy feat.

But you wouldn’t know that from watching 6-month-old Rich Humpherys.

You read that right -- he’s six months old.

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The baby from St. George, Utah, was recently captured on film riding waves on custom-made equipment.

In a series of photos and videos, Rich’s father, Casey Humpherys, showed how he made the custom ski for his son and how the two practiced using the board on land and water.

Ultimately, Casey Humpherys sat cruising alongside his son while the baby water-skied solo.

“Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life,” Casey Humpherys wrote on social media.

At six months and four days old, Rich broke the unofficial record for the youngest water skier ever. The previous record holder was Auburn Absher, who reportedly first partook in the water sport in 2016 at six months and 10 days old.

An Instagram account set up for Rich shows him enjoying nature just weeks after his birth.

Posts show the little one hiking, camping and sailing at a number of lakes, canyons and national parks.

File photo (Daniel Stockman/Flickr)
File photo (Daniel Stockman/Flickr)