Texas students build tiny homes for homeless veterans

Texas students finish second tiny home for homeless veterans

HOUSTON — Students at a Texas high school recently completed construction of their second tiny home, which will be donated to a homeless military veteran.

Teens at Kingwood Park High School unveiled the house Monday, the latest structure from the Students Helping Veterans program.

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“It started as a vision for the students to be able to get some real-world experience building and doing construction stuff in our architecture classes while also being able to give back to veterans in need,” Brendan Flaherty, a 2020 graduate and designer of the tiny house, told the Houston Chronicle.

The 209-square-foot house is large enough to fit a bed, table, chairs and cabinets. It will be donated to a veteran and set up at the Langetree Retreat and Eco Center.

The student group built their first house for Marine veteran Edward Rodriguez, who suffered a stroke two years ago.

“It totally upended my life,” Rodriguez said. “I lost my house, my job and found myself in need. I’d always been independent. A Marine. The hero. Do things by myself. And then I found myself humbled, so to speak.”

“We hope to make these for years to come,” high school senior Parker Ryan told KHOU. “Being able to pick up a veteran off the street and give him a home to live in and grow is just amazing to me.”