Milwaukee County Zoo welcomes baby red panda

MILWAUKEE — Exciting news in Wisconsin, where the Milwaukee County Zoo announced that its red panda gave birth on June 12.

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In an emailed news release, the zoo said that its red panda, named Dr. Erin, is healthy after the delivery and taking care of the baby in a special nest box. The zoo outfitted the box with cameras and shared a brief clip of Dr. Erin with her new baby on Twitter.

Zoo officials said this is Dr. Erin’s third time having a baby and described her as “an experienced mother” and “attentive and nurturing” toward her new cub.

Photos of the infant show that red pandas aren’t born with their trademark red fur. Instead, the zoo explained that the animals are born gray and turn red over several months.

The zoo told WITI that the cub will stay with its mother for the first year of its life, learning how to climb by following her around her habitat.

Red pandas are considered endangered, and there are only an estimated 2,500 in the wild, WDJT reported.