Shot bank robber sues for millions

STANWOOD, Wash. — A convicted bank robber is suing for more than $6 million, after a sheriff’s deputy shot him while he fled the crime scene waving a gun.

Todd Kirkpatrick, is known as the “phony-pony bandit” for the pony-tail styled wig he sported during his four heists.  Kirkpatrick is now serving a 17-year prison sentence.

He and his attorney claim the deputy who shot him used “excessive force” equivalent to “common law assault and battery.”

“I think it’s ridiculous,” exclaimed one Stanwood resident who remembers the Key Bank. “He’s a criminal who did a criminal act, and when you do a criminal act you face consequences.”

Other paperwork Kirkpatrick filed indicates he could be hoping for up to $6.3 million in damages, even though he only estimates his medical bills at about $300,000. His attorney would not comment on the lawsuit Monday night.

“I think it’s unbelievable that he’s a criminal and he’s trying to sue,” another Stanwood-area resident said.

Snohomish County prosecutors agree, and hope to get the lawsuit dismissed.

“We believe this lawsuit to be completely frivolous,” said Jason Cummings, the chief civil deputy prosecuting attorney. “We look forward to defending it in court and having the matter thrown out.”

So far no hearing date is set for the lawsuit.