Survivor recalls moment of Skagit River bridge collapse

VIDEO: Man recounts surviving Skagit River Bridge collapse 6 years ago

On May 23, 2013, the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River near Mount Vernon collapsed and sent two cars and debris into the water.

Thursday marked six years since the collapse.

PHOTOS: I-5 bridge over Skagit River collapses

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Bryce Kenning was in one of the cars that plunged into the river. He and two other people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

On Thursday, Kenning spoke to KIRO 7’s Joanna Small before he went skydiving during his lunch break and described the moments right after the collapse.

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“The road just went out ten feet in front of me and I did a full nosedive into the water,” he said. “"I remember trying to kick out the windshield, but the water had already risen above the windshield. So, I gave one kick at that and then realized if I kicked it out, it would come right back on top of me so I was able to kick out the passenger side door."

Kenning celebrated what he called his “re-birthday.”

He quit his job last May 23.

"I bought a one-way ticket and flew into Iceland and just kind of flew by the seat of my pants for three months and traveled. I think I did like 16 different countries,” Kenning said.

A camera caught Kenning sitting on top of his car in the river as he waited for crews to arrive.

The bridge collapsed after it was struck by a truck carrying an oversized load. Within a month of the collapse, a temporary bridge was placed and in September 2013, a permanent bridge was installed.

In 2017, the truck's driver and the trucking company all admitted fault.