Caught on camera: Vandals ransack Everett car accessory shop

VIDEO: Vandals ransack Everett car accessory shop

EVERETT, Wash. — Dramatic security video captured the moment two vandals smashed their way through a Tesla accessories store on Black Friday weekend.

Stealth Tesla Aftermarket Accessories has only been in business for a few weeks.

Security video captured the moments a pair of bumbling, brazen vandals tipped over most of the merchandise inside the store.

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“I put all my hard work and my effort into my dream.  Now I have to do it again,” owner Raj Sharma told KIRO 7 News.

The first hint of trouble happened when one of the suspects entered the store and immediately sat down.  Security video showed the man speaking gibberish toward Sharma and his brother.

“My gut feeling told me this guy’s gonna be trouble,” Sharma recalled.

Soon, a second man entered.

Security video showed both men arguing with Sharma and his brother.

According to surveillance footage, one of the men then grabbed a fire extinguisher and threatened to use it as a weapon.

“He tried to use that to make me scared and to hit my brother,” Sharma said, adding that his brother is disabled.

Fearing that something terrible would happen, Sharma said he made the excruciating decision to evacuate the store with his brother.

“I grabbed my brother and said, ‘Hey man, I’m gonna leave the store. You guys do what you need to do.  I’m out of here.’”

With the store now to themselves, security video showed the two men arguing with each other.

At one point, security video captured one of men lifting up a table top to throw at his accomplice.

“I never thought something of this nature could happen to a store like this,” Sharma remarked.

Everett police arrested both men later on in the evening.

Police officers told KIRO 7 they believe the suspects were on drugs during the crime.

News of the arrests were little consolation to Sharma.

In a pandemic, he’s having to pick up the pieces of a vandalism incident that’s literally left his shop in shambles.

“Yes, it’s upsetting. It’s sad it happened, but in the end I’m thankful to God both of us are safe.”