Mother of missing boy has another child, feared 'at risk'

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Sky Metalawala has been missing for four years. Police say his mother holds valuable information that could help them find the boy, but say Julia Biryukova has refused to talk to them. 
Investigators are now worried about the safety of another child; Biryukova has a 4-month- old baby boy.  The birth certificate shows Julia Biryukova gave birth to a baby boy in July at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. According to documents obtained by KIRO Radio, Child Protective Services is trying take that child away from Julia Biryukova.
CPS was told the "baby is at risk." The concern was made by the person who was delivering the baby.  The complainant told CPS that there is concern about "the mother's mental health."  The CPS documents obtained by KIRO Radio also say, "The mother is unstable and was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder."

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There is also concern about the father of the child. Alan J. Morgan is a convicted felon and was in jail when the baby was born. He also had a child removed from his custody when he lived in Florida, according to CPS records obtained by KIRO Radio.
According to King County records, Alan J. Morgan and Biryukova married in December 2014. That same month Biryukova told police Morgan assaulted her and a no contact order was put into place, according to court documents.

The couple told investigators they never lived together, however both parents gave the same apartment address in Redmond, according to CPS investigators. Later Biryukova started using a P.O. Box then changed her address to homeless, she even indicated she didn't know who the father was. His name is clearly listed on the birth certificate.  The infant also shares his middle name of "James."
Morgan spent months in jail at the Issaquah Police Department for violating a no contact order with Biryukova. But according to documents obtained by KIRO Radio, Biryukova went to see Morgan at the jail several times, she used a different name. Documents also show she called him at the jail more than 70 times.
Charging documents show Morgan also called Biryukova, violating the no contact order.
Morgan was released from jail Oct. 15 and was ordered to go to drug and alcohol treatment. A warrant was issued for his arrest on Nov. 5 because according to court records he left treatment and failed to report back to the Issaquah Jail.
Last Thursday, Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett made a plea to Julia Biryukova to come talk to them about the disappearance of her son, Sky Metalwala.  Bellevue Police say Biryukova hasn't talked to them since the day she reported him missing in November 2011.
KIRO-7 reached out to BIryukova's attorney on Monday and is waiting for a response.
Biryukova told CPS she is living with her mother in Issaquah. No one answered the door at the home Monday afternoon.
State investigators are concerned for the safety of Biryukova's 4-month-old baby. She is required to appear at a dependency hearing on Nov.18 where CPS will try to get the court to order to remove the child from her care.
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