• Medicinal and recreational pot working together?

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - Only KIRO 7 Eyewitness News has learned about a possible deal in the works that could change the way marijuana is sold in Washington state.

    A local medical marijuana company - the Northwest Patient Resource Center -  and a recreational marijuana company – Diego Pellicer -- might be teaming up. 

    The last time John Davis of NWPRC was interviewed by KIRO 7 was in February. He spoke about how hard it has been for him to get the $650,000 startup costs he needs for a marijuana production facility because no bank will take a chance on something that's still illegal nationwide. 

    “The best strategy is to know someone, or a group of people, who are independently wealthy,” he told KIRO 7 reporter Graham Johnson three months ago.  “I’m still working on that one.”

    Apparently, Davis’ "work" might have just paid off.

    On Wednesday, the CEO of Diego Pellicer, a local company planning to open a chain of recreational retail pot stores, told KIRO 7 reporter Amy Clancy that he's been talking with Davis. 

    Jamen Shively told Clancy: “We’re doing a strategic alliance with Northwest Patient Resource Center, which is a leader in its industry here in the state of Washington in terms of medical cannabis, and the strategic alliance is for the betterment of the industry.”

    Neither Shively nor Davis would say any formal business arrangement is a done-deal yet, only that an announcement will be made May 30.

    But Shively believes such consolidation makes sense: “So let’s work together and figure out a way that we can work together for the betterment of the industry, so we’re not, you know, at odds.”

    Davis currently has two medicinal marijuana stores in Seattle.

    Diego Pellicer is still working on its retail strategy.

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