Woman caught on camera stealing marked PUD pickup truck

VIDEO: Woman caught on camera stealing public utility truck in Mason County

UPDATE Feb. 5: The Mason County Sheriff’s Office said the stolen truck was found, but the woman who stole it has not been located.

“Thank you to all the public that shared our post and PUD 1 post as well. The system works and the subject that took the vehicle likely walked away from it due to the amount of sharing that occurred on social media,” the Sheriff’s Office said.


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Original story:

A woman is caught on camera stealing an F-350 work truck from a restricted Public Utility District parking lot.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect got hold of a key fob marked PUD 1.

Around 5:18 p.m. Sunday, cameras captured a woman wearing all black clothing and a dark ball cap hop into the pickup truck and head north on Highway 10 toward Hoodsport.

“This female covered her face from the camera, walked right up to truck, jumped in and stole it,” said Mason County Sheriff’s Office Chief Ryan Spurling.

The suspect is described as a short woman with long, brown hair. At the time of the crime, she was wearing a black coat, blacksweatpants and gray Ugg boots.

“I couldn’t believe anyone around here would do something like that,” said Bruce Osborne.

“There’s a total lack of respect in this country for anybody or anything. Whatever you’ve got, if I want it, I’m going to figure out a way to take it,” said Gale Simpson.

The truck -- a 2019 white Ford F-350 with Mason County PUD 1 logos on both sides -- cost close to $100,000, Spurling estimates.

“This belongs to the citizens, basically, through their tax dollars. It’s hurting everybody, not just one particular person. Every theft hurts people,” he said.

Workers worry the truck thief will pretend to be a PUD employee.

“That’s our society, that’s the sad part of it,” said Simpson.