Woman awarded $4.5 million in Amtrak train derailment lawsuit

A woman hurt in the Amtrak train derailment in Dupont was awarded $4.5 million in damages by a federal jury in Tacoma, according to a news release from the attorneys representing the plaintiff.

This is the second case to go to trial over the derailment.

According to the release, Garza was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school. She was found lying on her back on the ceiling of an overturned train car.

Madeline Garza sued after the crash left her with major injuries and permanent nerve damage.

Garza suffered a major injury to her pelvis and lower spine, as well as three fractured ribs and a lacerated liver, the release stated.

"I am so grateful for the jury's powerful decision today. This is not just about justice for myself, but to also send a clear message to Amtrak about changing their practices. I hope that this compels Amtrak to improve safety measures on their trains so that accidents like the one I lived through don't happen ever again," Garza said.

Three passengers were also killed and more than 60 others were hurt.

Three plaintiffs who sued Amtrak over the 2017 train derailment in DuPont were already awarded nearly $17 million combined for their pain and suffering, a jury decided in September.

Amtrak had previously admitted negligence when its first paid passenger run on a new route from Tacoma to Portland, Oregon, plunged onto Interstate 5.

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