Washington Neo-Nazi group leader sentenced to 7 years in prison for intimidation plot

SEATTLE — A Washington leader of a Neo-Nazi group was sentenced Tuesday for his role in a multi-state plot to threaten and intimidate journalists and anti-Semitism advocates.

In September, a federal jury found 25-year-old Kaleb Cole guilty of several counts related to his involvement with the group Atomwaffen Division.

“Kaleb Cole helped lead a violent, nationwide neo-Nazi group. He repeatedly promoted violence, stockpiled weapons, and organized ‘hate camps,’” said U.S. Attorney Nick Brown. “Today the community and those Mr. Cole and his co-conspirators targeted stand-up to say hate has no place here. He tried to intimidate journalists and advocates with hate-filled and threatening posters, tried to amplify their fear. Instead, they faced him in court and their courage has resulted in the federal prison sentence imposed today.”

In September 2019, the Seattle Police Department served an Extreme Risk Protection Order against Cole, given the serious risk that he posed to public safety, according to court documents. After police seized a stockpile of weapons from him, Cole fled to Texas with another member of the group.

Evidence at trial showed that Cole and other members of the group tried to intimidate journalists and advocates by delivering posters containing threatening images to their homes in January 2020.

Three other co-conspirators — Cameron Shea, Johnny Roman Garza and Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe — previously pleaded guilty and have since been sentenced.