What to know: Obamacare users see average 13.6% rate change increase in Washington

How much health care rates will increase here in Washington for next year

Some Washington state residents who buy insurance through the Washington's individual market will see an average 13.6 percentage rate change increase next year, according to the state office of the insurance commissioner.

Here’s what we know now

People who get insurance under the Affordable Care Act can either buy through insurers – called buying outside the exchange – or through the Washington Washington HealthPlanfinder – called inside the exchange.

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This 13.6 average rate change includes everyone enrolled, whether they enrolled inside or outside exchange.

People who already have insurance through the exchange should have been contacted by their insurer about rate changes. If you think you're affected by the rate change and have questions, you can find resources here.

Those who get insurance through their employer won't be affected directly by the increases, though deductibles will likely rise.

Rate increases announced Wednesday will only affect people in Washington who are self-insured and use the Washington Healthplanfinder. Here's rate specific rate changes for customers inside and outside the exchange.

Outside the exchange: Rate changes by insurers 

The commissioner's office said the average increase in 2017 will be 13.6 percent, but the increase varies depending on the insurer and factors like where the insured person lives, their age, whether or not they smoke, which plan they select, and how many people are covered.

See a table of rate changes by insurer below.

Insurance companies asked the state insurance commissioner for permission to increase rates by 13.5 percent.

Inside the exchange: Rate changes in Washington Healthplanfinder)

Unlike the federal marketplace, which saw a 25 percent increase in benchmark plans, Washington State experienced an average increase of only 8 percent on 2017 Benchmark plans. Health plans come in different categories: Bronze, Silver Gold. See detailed plan information.

Washington state only saw an 8 percent increase in those second lowest cost silver (SLCSP) plans.

Any change to the SLCSP means that most people will see an increase in tax credits. Price and tax credits change every year, and a Washington Healthplanfinder spokesman says its important to review your options and select coverage that best meets your needs and budget.

Average premium changes 2016 to 2017:

  • Gold plans:  12.78% increase
  • Silver plans:  3.86% increase
  • Bronze plans:  5.82% increase

Average deductible changes 2016 to 2017:

  • Gold plans:  6.53% increase
  • Silver plans:  8.29% increase
  • Bronze plans:  4.99% increase

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange is informing renewing Qualified Health Plan customers that changes in health insurance rates, premium tax credits, and available coverage options will require individuals and families to carefully review their 2017 coverage options through Washington Healthplanfinder.

Open enrollment for the individual health insurance market starts Nov. 1, 2016 and runs through January 2017.

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