Two-year-old boy falls into Pierce Co. septic tank, saved by mother and sister

A two-year-old Buckley boy was rescued and resuscitated by his mother and sister after falling 10 feet into a septic tank on his grandparents’ property in Edgewood Tuesday.
Thorin Hess stepped on a loose-fitting septic access port cover and fell in, according to his grandfather, Wayne Nolan, who hired workers to secure a new lid immediately. “His mother went right into the tank after him,” Nolan said. “She went into the hole.”
Marcia Hess told KIRO-7 she was able to pull her son out of the sewage in the partially-filled tank and hand him to Nolan and the boy’s 12-year-old sister, Madi. “My granddaughter is the hero here,” said Hess.
East Pierce County Fire and Rescue told KIRO-7 the girl started chest compressions which helped the boy breath until paramedics arrived.
Doctors at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital are treating the boy for possible lung infection because some of the sewage may have entered his lungs.
In 2015, a two-year-old boy fell through a loose cover into a septic tank in Burlington and drowned.
“It will never happen here again,” said Nolan. “We’re so lucky. (My grandson) is such a beautiful boy.”

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