Suspected thief tries to steal police car, sits in officer's lap

A suspected car thief trying to run from police got a surprise when he tried to steal a police patrol car and wound up sitting in an officer’s lap.

Fife police Lt. Tom Thompson said the man was spotted acting suspicious near a motel around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, so a patrol sergeant stopped to check the license on the car he was driving. It came back as stolen.

As the sergeant followed the suspect, identified as David Boulet, Boulet jumped from the car and ran. Police said Boulet climbed a fence and ran through traffic in both the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 5, dodging cars.
Meanwhile, a Tacoma police officer, hearing the chase over the radio, stopped on the Port of Tacoma road overpass and turned on his red and blue lights.
Thompson said Boulet ran from the freeway through heavy brush and onto the overpass, apparently looking for a getaway car.
He spotted the patrol car with lights flashing, ran toward it, pulled the door open, got in and sat down in the officer's lap, apparently unaware that the officer was still behind the wheel.
Thompson said the officer was stunned at first, then recognized Boulet's description as the suspect leading police on a foot pursuit.
Boulet was wrestled to the ground and placed under arrest.

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