Suspected catalytic converter, package thief arrested in Bellevue after months-long investigation

BELLEVUE, Wash. — A Seattle man accused of stealing several catalytic converters and packages has been arrested, the Bellevue Police Department announced Tuesday.

Police say that 22-year-old Dan Pham is also a suspect in many other thefts across the region.

Bellevue police detectives began investigating Pham in December 2021 and worked with victims to gather video evidence that shows him stealing catalytic converters and packages.

Cell phone data obtained through a search warrant also placed Pham near three thefts at the time the theft occurred, according to charging documents.

Pham reportedly resurfaced in May, and police say he quickly began stealing more catalytic converters.

Police developed probable cause for the crimes and arrested him at his home in Seattle.

After searching his car, detectives located a saw, six blades and gloves matching the ones Pham was seen wearing in surveillance video of the thefts.

The King County prosecutor’s office has charged Pham with three counts of second-degree theft and has asked a judge to set his bail at $25,000.