Survivors at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak

KIRKLAND, Wash. — At Life Care Center of Kirkland, the patients were already at risk due to their age and many of them had pre-existing conditions that made them more vulnerable - and still they survived coronavirus.

The family of 86-year-old Chuck Sedlacek says he survived coronavirus.

“I’d say he’s one of the lucky ones,” said Scott Sedlacek. “Right now he’s one of the lucky ones, absolutely asymptomatic person who survived it.”

So did Susan Hailey. Her test came back negative last week, giving the 76 year-old something to smile about.

To be sure they’ve beat the virus, they need two negative tests at least 24 hours apart. It’s been more than a week and Hailey’s still waiting for more testing.

Judie Shape, 81, spent weeks wearing a mask, looking at her daughter out the window. Now she’s sitting in the sun. She had two negative tests and is at her daughter’s house recovering. Today she felt good enough to prune plants.

The patients and their families are finally starting to feel a wave of relief after surviving the deadly virus that killed one-third of the patients at Life Care Center of Kirkland. Forty people associated with the nursing home, most of them patients, died.

Loved ones say the standard of care has returned to normal. They told KIRO 7 residents there for rehab are getting the necessary care.

And while visiting through windows continues, Life Care is now using technology to bring loved ones and patients closer.

“They’ve done something I really like. They bought some i-Pads and we literally have it set up with Google Duo. Here you get four or five of the kids talking to dad,” said Sedlacek.

Gene Campbell is getting better too. The 89-year-old is at Swedish Ballard eager to go home. He’s had one negative test and is waiting for another, according to his son, Todd Campbell.

Eighty six-year-old Odette Medawar who spent weeks at Evergreen Hospital had two negative tests and has been moved to a skilled nursing facility in Bothell.

After many of the families reached a breaking point in the early days of the outbreak, fighting for care and demanding answers, hearing them talk about recovery and the future-- gives hope.