Summer is here! The first heatwave of the season hits western Washington

After months of gloomy rain and lower-than-average temperatures, the sun is finally out this weekend – the first heat event of 2022.

The level of expected heat will mainly pose a risk to heat-sensitive people, although many people may be caught off guard from the sudden rise in temperatures.

On Saturday, temperatures in Seattle are expected to top out around 85 degrees and may even hit 90 degrees on Sunday.

Temperatures on the coast will be significantly lower, with a high of around 75 degrees on Saturday and up to 77 degrees on Sunday.

In eastern Washington, areas will really feel the heat. Kennewick, for example, may see triple-digit temperatures on Monday, with a possible high of 102 degrees .

In general, people will see an increase of 10-15 degrees above normal for late June, peaking on Sunday and Monday.