South Seattle family is desperate for answers after being held at gunpoint in home invasion

SEATTLE — A South Seattle family is waiting for answers and an arrest, after they say people robbed them at gunpoint inside their home.

It happened Monday night just after 8 p.m., near the 4400 block of S. Kenyon Street.

The family’s surveillance camera shows the suspects walking up the driveway to the home, wearing gloves and covering their faces.

The family says the suspects used a crowbar to rip the door frame of their front door. They then kicked the door open and entered the home.

“Me, my little sister and my mom were home. My dad was still at work at the time, so it was just us three when they first broke in. We were panicked,” says one of the victims.

He was shaking as he recounted the events of Monday night.

“It was like quickly when they got inside, and I couldn’t call police in time before they restrained me and forced me down onto the floor.”

He says the men held his family at gunpoint, while they quickly ransacked the house, stealing their jewelry, electronics, and cash.

According to the time stamp on the surveillance video, the robbery lasted just five minutes before the suspects were seen leaving the property with things in their hands. They then sped off in a nearby car.

That’s when one of the victims called 911. Seattle Police say no arrests have been made.

The family hope that in sharing their surveillance video, someone may recognize the suspects or their clothing, and come forward.

“Yeah, just some sort of information towards getting their arrests,” says one of the victims.