Security video captures suspect driving off Everett cliff

VIDEO: Security video captures suspect driving off Everett cliff

EVERETT, Wash. — Home security video caught the dramatic moments a man veered off an embankment, following a high-speed chase with sheriff’s deputies.

The incident happened at 23rd Street and East Grand Avenue on August 4.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputies said the driver of the truck was going at 80 miles per hour when he went airborne.

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As seen in the security video, the crash happened so quickly that several responding officers didn’t seem to know the truck was overboard.

“You just feel sick, because you know there’s a drop off. Somebody was gonna die in that,” said Bill and Kiely McFerran, owners of the surveillance camera that recorded the crash. “(We were) just shocked, because we hadn’t heard any screeching, like stopping,” they added.

Deputies said Clinton Wheelock was the man driving the truck.

They said they tried to arrest him for a felony warrant, but he took off.

In the process, neighbors said he sped dangerously close to kids playing in nearby parks.

“It’s a split second, he was going so fast,” said parent Tara Culver. “(The kids) might not be able to react, because of the speed he was going.”

Deputies said Wheelock’s landing wasn’t smooth, either.

Photographs taken after the crash showed Wheelock’s truck was totaled and smashed.

According to deputies, Wheelock was ejected and badly hurt.

Yet in the security video, police arrived armed and ready, not knowing what to expect.

“I saw them pulling a gun out and I thought that this probably wasn’t the time to go out and try to help somebody,” said Kiely McFerran.

Two days after the crash, Wheelock is said to be in critical condition, and still hasn’t faced any actual charges.

Neighbors said the crash could’ve been so much worse too, because there was an oil tanker on the train tracks close to the impact site.

Additionally, the area is known for berry picking, with families often gathering at the exact spot of the crash.