25,000 NHL season ticket deposits made in Seattle's bid for expansion team

SEATTLE — Seattle reached its goal of getting 10,000 deposits for season tickets for a possible Seattle NHL team within 12 minutes Thursday.

Since then, at least 25,000 deposits have been taken.

Prospective team owners say they're trying to make a statement to the NHL Commission that Seattle should be awarded an expansion team.

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NHLSeattle.com started the season ticket drive at 10 a.m. Thursday.

The deposit cost is $500 per season ticket, or $1,000 for a club season ticket, which includes preferred parking and seats at center ice.

A deposit gets you a priority number for a place in line to buy a season ticket if Seattle is actually awarded an NHL expansion team to play in a rebuilt KeyArena in 2020.

John Barr, the writer behind the site NHLtoSeattle.com, said that, during its season ticket drive, Las Vegas signed up 10,000 fans in three weeks. But Seattle did that within minutes and then more than doubled it.

But with 25,000 deposits sold, there may be some refunds headed buyers since the renovated KeyArena is only expected to hold about 17,000 when configured for hockey.

NHLSeattle.com said that, if Seattle gets a franchise, season ticket prices will be announced in early 2019.

People who make a deposit can apply it to the cost or get a refund if they decide not to buy or if Seattle doesn't get a team.

Potential team owners billionaire investment banker David Bonderman and Hollywood film producer Jerry Bruckheimer have been pushing for a team, which is expected to cost a record $650 million  - more than a recent Vegas expansion.

The NHL flag was raised to the top of the Space Needle at noon to celebrate the effort.