Restaurant teams up with community to feed medical workers, first responders

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — A South Sound restaurant is making sure health care workers and first responders are well fed.

"It's the thing that's keeping us going,” said owner Ryan Rommann.

Thanks to their generous community, owners Ryan and Leena Rommann are staying busy building bowls with rice, chicken and delicious Korean-style toppings that are going to feed nurses, doctors and first responders who've been working nonstop for weeks.

“In terms of the people that are on the frontlines working, we will forever be in debt to their service and keeping us safe, so we're really thankful,” Ryan said.

The Rommanns own three MiSo locations in Thurston County.

Because of COVID-19, sales are down nearly 50 percent. They know others are stressed out, too, so they decided to help.

"This community has been so nice and so kind to us, so this time we wanted to do something for this community,” Leena said.

Friday, they got the community involved by creating "Helping the Heroes." For every $20 donation, MiSo workers will make three fresh meals.

"We really appreciate what you're doing and hopefully MiSo can brighten your day after your grueling, super tired day,” Leena said Leena.

They've already received 300 meal donations, which they're dropping off at local coronavirus testing sites, hospitals, urgent care centers, fire departments and other locations.

“We've been having a tough time keeping up on our end because we can only make food so fast and they just keep coming in, so we're really happy and thankful,” Ryan said.

The Rommanns hope to hand out 1,000 meals and spread smiles every step of the way.

"Because there's so much stress elsewhere, it's nice to have something to wake up and say, ‘We get to deliver some free meals to happy people,’ so it's really given us a purpose,” Ryan said Ryan.

Donations can be made under the “online ordering” section of MiSo’s website using the “helping the heroes” tab.