Renton considers recruiting coronavirus vaccine manufacturer

Renton considers recruiting coronavirus vaccine manufacturer

RENTON, Wash. — On Monday, the Renton City Council will vote on the idea of recruiting a coronavirus vaccine manufacturing facility.

Even though there's no vaccine ready, city leaders said they're positioning themselves as a possible site to let companies know they'll work with them to make it happen.

The city says it has a long history of manufacturing with Boeing and growing health care and tech sectors.

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Renton's mayor says he wants the world to know they’d welcome a manufacturer.

“There are so many reasons why this made sense, we figured this is a great opportunity. Go out there and put our name in the hat as one of the premiere sites to start this, and not wait for someone to come calling,” said Renton Mayor Armondo Parvone.

The city says large corporate spaces like Southport on Lake Washington are ready for new companies to move in.

A vote from Renton’s City Council will happen at their virtual meeting at 7 p.m.