Redmond police reopen 10-year missing woman case

REDMOND, Wash. — Redmond police are reopening a case involving the disappearance of a woman last seen near Factoria Mall in 2011.

Lorill Sinclaire has not been seen or and heard from since Nov. 8, 2011.

Her car, a burgundy 1991 Ford Escort, was found not far from the mall on the same day, in the 4200 block of 124th Avenue Southeast.

Police believe she was visiting her boyfriend in the area before she disappeared.

Sinclaire was born on Apr. 30, 1963, making her 49 when she went missing.

Investigators have followed many different leads and with no signs of activity or communication with her, they suspect foul play.

“We have more technology at our disposal that didn’t exist in 2011. We are using this technology to work to solve her case and bring closure to her family,” said Investigations Sgt. Jesse Bollerud.

If you have any recollection or new information related to this case, please call 425-556-2627.