Rain leads to mudslides and buckled roadways in Grays Harbor County

VIDEO: Mudslide buckles roadways in Grays Harbor County

Mud, rocks and trees cover State Route 109 in Hoquiam following a landslide Tuesday morning.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said high winds and heavy rains have battered the coast for days. Geologists stopped by the site to check it out.

"They're concerned about the stability of the hillside, so no one is going to be able to work under it and clear the highway with the current conditions,” said Myers.

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A flood warning is in effect.

“This weather has been really horrible here, just the flooding and everything like that, the waves, it's just been kind of crazy,” said Chad Gordon.

A few years back, a mudslide swept away Gordon’s home.

"We had 10 minutes to get out and the mudslide came down and knocked the house off the foundation. The tree went through the living room, everything,” he said.

The weather is also leaving its mark on Basich Boulevard. The roadway that leads to Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen is caved in and filled with water.

City workers closed the road in December. Since then, conditions have deteriorated.

Aberdeen City Engineer Kris Koski said they'll have to stabilize the ground and rebuild the roadway, embankment and utilities, which will take months.

"I've lived here a lot of years and we get a lot of rain on a regular basis and we get some flooding, but I was a little surprised at that,” said Eva Plumb.

In Hoquiam, there's a detour in place to get people to and from the coast. Drivers are asked to take Powell Road to Ocean Beach Road to US 101.

They're warning people to steer clear because the hillside isn't safe.

"If we have mud, debris and rocks, you can see some of the boulders and trees here, a car is not going to stand a chance,” said Myers.

Currently, there is no ETA on when SR 109 will reopen. Crews will reassess the damage Wednesday.