Rabid bat found near Alki Beach

SEATTLE — A bat that was found in the parking lot belonging to a condominium complex near Seattle’s Alki Beach was determined to be rabid.

The rabid bat was found at the Duwamish Head Condominiums located at 1140 Alki Ave. SW.

Public Health — Seattle & King County said the bat was found on the evening of Sept. 18 and then was picked up the next day by a Seattle Animal Shelter officer.

Health officials said the bat was taken to PAWS Animal Shelter in Lynnwood, where it died on Sept. 30.

The bat tested positive for rabies on Thursday, Oct. 6.

Officials said at least four people were identified who might have been exposed to the bat.

Health officials said anyone who might have had contact with the bat could be at risk and should seek medical help immediately or call Public Health at 206-296-4774 to determine if rabies treatment is necessary.

“Rabies is treatable if caught before symptoms appear, so identifying anyone who has had contact with the bat as soon as possible is important,” said Elysia Gonzales, medical epidemiologist at Public Health — Seattle & King County. “Contact includes touching a bat, being bitten, scratched, or any other bare skin contact with a bat or its saliva.”

If you find a bat:

If you find a bat inside your house, call Public Health at 206-296-4774 to discuss the situation and to determine whether the bat needs to be tested for rabies. Public Health tests bats for rabies at no charge under certain circumstances.

  • Live bats should be captured and might need to be tested for rabies if the bat had direct contact with a person’s bare skin or with a pet OR if a person wakes up to a bat in the room in which they were sleeping.
  • Use a shovel or gloves to put a dead bat in a box for testing. Do not throw it away!
  • Open windows and allow bats to leave your home if they have not come into contact with a person or pets. Close doors to other parts of your home and secure pets away from the location of the bat.

For more information about how to safely capture a bat in your home and how to safely avoid bats, visit: www.kingcounty.gov/bats.