Protests in Olympia cause law enforcement to increase staffing

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Two protests in Olympia caused local law enforcement to increase staffing on Saturday.

The first rally was held on the Capitol campus at noon. Protesters demonstrated against vaccine mandates for state workers.

The second protest was held at Olympia City Hall at 2 p.m. Protesters voiced their support for a member of the Proud Boys who was shot in the foot during an altercation with counter-protestors on September 4. A spokesperson for the city stated this past Thursday, “Members of the Proud Boys and a group allied with antifa engaged in a violent confrontation with each other.”

Following the protests, the city of Olympia released the following statement: “A group of protesters gathered in front of Olympia City Hall this afternoon as anticipated. While the protest took place, we are fortunate that no violence ensued. We are grateful to our City staff, particularly the men and women of the Olympia Police Department for their solid work and planning and their preparation to respond to what could have unfolded and for keeping the community safe… OPD will continue to monitor events through the weekend and we will keep the community informed.”