Protesters gather at police lines around CHOP

SEATTLE — As barriers, signs and other structures were removed from Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest after people inside the zone were forced out, a small group of protesters gathered at police lines around the perimeter of the area.

At first some were sitting, chanting and playing music, but later they formed a human chain and came face-to-face with officers as tensions rose.

>>Seattle police, city workers clearing CHOP after mayor issues emergency order

Some yelled angrily at officers while a man shouted into a bullhorn. Others were seen talking calmly with officers.

At 12th and Pike, about five protesters were blocking the road and forcing cars turn around. One person who was warned to move, but failed to, was arrested.

Counter-protesters who said they welcomed police and the return of order were also at a police line. One was seen shaking hands with officers.

Overall, though dozens were arrested, the interactions between officers and protesters were for the most part calm.

KIRO 7 spoke with protester Steven Gil, who said he has been at CHOP for several weeks and was upset with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for not doing more.

“The mayor did not care at all. We were peaceful, we had activities for kids, we were giving stuff for the homeless, we were doing the best we could. It was a good community, it was a good vibe. We were talking about things that give discomfort, we were talking about systemic oppression and racism and discrimination. Ultimately, we wanted the mayor’s help, but she only gave us 5 percent toward the budget.

Watch the full interview with Steven Gil below.