UPDATE: School district says no active shooter at Hawkins Middle School

VIDEO: School district says no active shooter at Hawkins Middle School

BELFAIR — Police responded and locked down Hawkins Middle School on Wednesday, but no active shooter was found, according to North Mason County School District.

Authorities are still responding to the campus and searching the school. See photos here.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office first told KIRO 7 News that they responded to a confirmed report of a shooting in the cafeteria on Wednesday morning.

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Our time-stamped updates are below, showing when information was received and how the story developed with information from authorities.

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[1:14 p.m.] Law enforcement leaders said in a news conference that officers were already on North Mason Main Campus – where the high and middle schools are located – when the report of an active shooter happened.

Authorities were at the high school because there was the report of a student in the school’s cafeteria and gym area with a handgun. While authorities were at the high school, a call came in that there was an active shooter at Hawkins Middle School.

No gun was found. Law enforcement leaders did not share who made the call into authorities, which prompted a large response to the campus.

Police are still completing the detailed search to make sure they have not missed anything.

Seventy-five officers from 15 plus agencies responded to the school.

[12:45 p.m.] There is still a huge police presence at Hawkins Middle School. It includes Mason and Kitsap deputies, ATF, and Washington State Patrol.

[12:12 p.m.] "Lots of rumors flying around," the Mason County Sheriff's Office tweeted. "We have not found any injuries as of now. We are clearing all buildings."

[12:04 p.m.] The middle school is located on the North Mason Main Campus, where the high school is also located. All police activity is at the middle school.

No one has been found with injuries, but authorities are still going through the school. Hawkins Middle School is still on lock down.

[12:03 p.m.] "We have not found anyone injured as of now," The Mason County Sheriff's Office tweeted. "Still searching."

[11:58 a.m.] The Mason County Sheriff's Office tweeted: "Reports of a school shooting at Hawkins middle school. Officers from multiple agencies are on scene. We are clearing the school now."

[11:56 a.m.] Police have told the school district no active shooter was on campus, a district spokesperson told KIRO 7.

Mason County Sheriff’s Office first told KIRO 7 News that they were responding to a confirmed report of a shooting. We are working to learn where the conflicting reports came from.

[11:49 a.m.] Deputies responding to Hawkins Middle School in Belfair told by authorities to "slow down." KIRO 7 News' Kevin McCarty is talking with law enforcement to learn exactly what this means.

[11:39 a.m.] Mason County Chief Deputy Ryan Spurling told KIRO 7 News that the school is on lockdown after the confirmed report of a shooter in the cafeteria. Mason County Sheriff Office deputies are on the scene.

The message to parents at this time is to "hold tight" until the situation is stabilized.

[11:30 a.m.] Police are responding to a report of an active shooter in Hawkins Middle School in Belfair, Washington.