Plume of wildfire smoke to pass over region; may cause unhealthy conditions for some

KIRO 7 PinPoint Weather Video for Thurs. morning

SEATTLE — We’re now seeing some smoke from the huge fires in California this week.

The Puget Sound Clear Air Agency said a plume of wildfire smoke is expected to pass over the region starting Thursday.

The agency said at that time, it will likely have only minimal air quality impacts at ground level, with moderate air pollution levels at most.

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KIRO 7 Meteorologist Claire Anderson said the smoke will be pushed out over the Pacific – to the northwest from California – into Friday night.

On Friday, air over the offshore Pacific will waft over Western Washington. Smoke is expected to be noticeable in our skies starting Friday and lasting through Saturday.

“However, most of these very fine smoke particles will be elevated off the surface, so local air quality is not likely to be seriously impacted through Friday and probably into Saturday, despite a very noticeable haziness – air quality in most areas becoming ’moderate’ which is common,” Anderson said.

Fires closer to our area tend to impact air quality more significantly.

The smoke is expected to dissipate over our area by late Saturday into Sunday but if it lingers that long in a stagnating environment over our area, we could see air quality reach pollution levels that are unhealthy for sensitive groups such as kids, pregnant women and people with heart or breathing issues.

King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish county fire marshals all have fire safety burn bans in effect that prohibit nearly all outdoor burning.

PSCAA said to further prevent local pollution, even small recreational fires should be avoided.