Pierce County Council Candidate Harris responds to accusations

(TACOMA, WA) – Tacoma Police will no longer investigate the Memorial Day shooting incident involving Pierce County Council candidate Josh Harris due to a potential conflict of interest. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office has agreed to take over.

Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mary Robnett requested an outside law enforcement agency take over, after speaking with Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore. Two pieces of information motivated the decision. The first is that the union representing TPD officers endorsed Harris. The second is that Harris paid for suites at Rainiers games for TPD members.

Due to this pivot and the new information, the assault charge against Steve Stacy “will be dismissed without prejudice.” The 40-year-old was shot by Harris while driving a stolen vehicle at a Tacoma encampment on May 30. Harris claims he fired his weapon in self-defense.

Hours before this announcement was made, KIRO 7′s Lauren Donovan spoke with Harris. Questions and answers from that interview are included below:

Donovan: “Do you feel like it was a mistake to go out there on Memorial Day and take matters into your own hands to recover those items?”

Harris: “What other choice do you have to get your property back? Who’s going to get it for you?”

Donovan: “There are some saying this was a political stunt and it was premediated.”

Harris: “No, no. That’s just absurd.”

Donovan: “Does him (Stacy) being a sex offender mean he deserves to be shot at?”Harris: “No, not at all. That has nothing to do with it.”

Donovan: “Do you wish you hadn’t fired your weapon?”

Harris: “Not at all, I’m going home to my wife and children.”

Donovan: “Are you worried that by talking to different media outlets, like us KIRO, that this couldn’t look good for you, now that they’re still investigating?”

Harris: “Not at all. As a citizen you have the right to protect yourself if your life is still in danger.”