Bat tossed of I-5 overpass hit couple's car

Someone threw a baseball bat off the overpass at Pike Street and 8th onto I-5 Saturday afternoon, striking a car, police said, and it shattered Aileen Miles weekend plans.

"It was just a fun afternoon we had planned," Miles said, laughing. "And then that happens. So it's crazy."

Crazy and dangerous.

Miles and her husband were in the express lanes on I-5 Saturday afternoon, coming up on the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

"We were just going underneath that first overpass," she said. "And my head was down."

They heard what sounded like a large explosion.

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"My ears started ringing," she said. "I heard my husband's voice in the background, muffled. And then finally when I looked over to him, I heard him say 'Babe, call 911.' "

Only then did she realize something had hit their car.

"And I just kind of looked around me and I noticed a baseball bat, right down the middle of our vehicle," she said.

The bat came at them like a fastball.  It smashed the windshield. You can see the handle sticking up through the glass.

"You know, I just happened to touch my head," said Miles, "and I pulled my hand away, my hand was bloody."

Miles sent us this photograph of her injuries. Her blood, she says, was splattered across her husband's face.  Otherwise, he wasn't injured at all.

"God protected us during that time," she said. "Because, you know, a little over, 6 inches, either way, it could have been a very different outcome for us.  We were very blessed."

It was a Saturday afternoon, they won't soon forget.

"Just crazy, crazy thing to happen on I-5," Miles said.

But, of course, what happened to them is a crime.  And the Washington State Patrol wants to know who dropped that bat from this overpass.

They are asking if anyone noticed someone here on Pike just after 1 Saturday afternoon to call 9-1-1.

It might help them crack this case.