New video shows man ambushed, tased by robbers in Seattle

SEATTLE — Some frightening surveillance video shows a man being ambushed by two armed robbers. They shocked the man with a TASER on the doorstep of a Beacon Hill home.

Seattle police detectives point to a larger trend of similar robberies at homes in South Seattle, with at least 14 reported incidents since June. Five happened within ten days, spanning across Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill, Columbia City, and other areas around SPD’s South Precinct. It’s believed that the suspects are a group of three to seven young people, some of whom were spotted driving KIAs or Hyundais.

In this latest instance, the crime happened fast. The two robbers tased the man for what looked like about 40 seconds and even pulled the rings off the man’s fingers while he was being tased.

We tried to talk to the people who live at that home but they did not want to talk about this.

On Friday, KIRO 7′s Brittany Toolis reported armed robbers have been holding people at gunpoint in their homes from Beacon Hill to Columbia City.

Police said there could be more. We’re dedicated to keep working on this story and will bring you updates when we get them.