Mariners fans can buy cutouts of themselves to fill T-Mobile Park seats

Mariners fans can buy cutouts of themselves to fill T-Mobile Park seats
(Seattle Mariners)

SEATTLE — The Seattle Mariners will play games at T-Mobile Park without fans until further notice, but the organization came up with a way to fill the seats.

On Tuesday, the Mariners announced that fans will have a chance to purchase Seat Fleet cutouts of themselves. Fans can submit photos of themselves that will be turned into life-sized cutouts.

Each cutout will be $30, and the Mariners said it will donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.

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The Seat Fleet cutouts will be placed at random in the lower level of the T-Mobile Park seating bowl. If more than one photo is submitted on the same order, they will be grouped together.

“Without a doubt, it’s going to be a very different atmosphere with empty seats at T-Mobile Park this season. We want to give fans a way to be involved in the game, show their support for the Mariners and bring some color, texture and sounds to the ballpark this season,” said Mandy Lincoln, Seattle Mariners Director of Marketing.

Also, if a foul ball hits their cutout, that ball will be mailed to that fan.

For more information on how you can buy a cutout, click here.

The Mariners begin the abbreviated 2020 season July 24 on the road against the Houston Astros. The new home opener will be July 31 versus the Oakland A’s.