‘It may have been intended for his entertainment’: Multiple homemade bombs explode in Port Hadlock leaving man in critical condition, 6-year-old with burns

PORT HADLOCK, Wash. — A Port Hadlock man who detectives said was building pipe bombs suffered life-threatening injuries, including a severed arm. His 6-year-old granddaughter was also treated for burns to her face after an accidental chain reaction explosion on the man’s rural property, according to Jefferson County investigators.

“There were several bombs that had gone off,” said Jefferson County Sheriff’s Detective Brett Anglin. “We believe he had several of these devices made.”

Anglin said a deputy with EMT training stopped the man’s bleeding and stabilized him, possibly saving his life before he was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition with an amputated left arm and severe injuries to his chest.

Aerial photographs of the blast zone show a building that had been blown to pieces and burned in the blast. Investigators believe the man did not intend to hurt anyone and may have been building the bombs to set off like fireworks.

“They still are illegal to make. They’re illegal to set off. They’re illegal to possess,” said Anglin. “It’s a felony to make a pipe bomb for any reason, and this is the reason. Things like this could happen.”

Detective’s photos show more pipe bombs they said the man had made, which were not detonated in the explosion.

“It may have been intended for his entertainment but probably not his neighbor’s,” Anglin said, who added that Jefferson County prosecutors will likely charge the man with assembling explosives and felony arson.