Lumen Field vaccination site closes Saturday

SEATTLE — The final shot at the Lumen field mass vaccination site is now just days away. This, as the state offers cash incentives to get more people vaccinated.

The vaccination site at Lumen Field will offer shots for the final Saturday this week.

That will be nearly three months to the day the site opened to much fanfare.

And it is closing as the state begins offering a lottery ad prizes to get more shots in arms.

They expected to be right around 102,000 shots when they wrapped up Saturday.

And there were no prizes when most people lined up here to reach that number.

But those who talked say if they can win a prize for getting a shot, they’ll take it.

These are the last several hours for the mass vaccination site at Lumen Field. And those who are here say they feel lucky to have been able to make an appointment.

“It was hard for me to make an appointment and get it done,” said Larry Gislason, Seattle. “So I actually had my daughter make it for me. So that’s why I’m down here.”

He hadn’t yet heard that just getting his shot gives him a shot at a lottery, prizes, too.

“I probably won’t win,” he said. “But if I did, it would be great.”

Lisa Vargo, now newly vaccinated, says she has mixed emotions about incentives to get a lifesaving vaccine.

“I think everybody should get vaccinated as a public service to our community and to ourselves,” said Vargo. “So I don’t think any incentive is needed. On the other hand, I want everyone to get vaccinated. So anything we need to do to get them there, I support that.”

“I do research in public health, so this is very near and dear to my heart,” said Dr. Timothy Thornton, a professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.

He had brought his 12-year-old son to get his vaccination here, along with so many, hoping to be able to resume normal activities.

“I was one of the first person to kind of sign up when it became available,” said Dr. Thornton. “So I know the importance of the vaccine so that wouldn’t motivate me. But I’m glad that there is a lottery because that is motivating a lot of people.”

Others getting their shots say they know the importance of a vaccine, too. But a tangible reward for getting vaccinated would be a nice bonus.

“My first shot, I wanted to get it because I want life to get back to normal,” said Patrick Severin, Ballard. “But once I heard I could win a million dollars, it was like, I’d be stupid not to.”

No matter what, neither he nor anyone else will be able to get that shot here at Lumen Field after next Saturday.

That is the day they close up shop here for good.