Local high school athletes start petition to bring back fall sports as originally scheduled

Local high school athletes have started an online petition to bring back fall sports as originally schedule. As of 1 p.m. Monday, the petition has 3,900 signatures.

The petition was started by Cole Norah, a football and baseball player at Mount Si High School in the class of 2021, and addresses Gov. Jay Inslee.

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In the petition, Norah said local athletes have formed an organization called “SAW” or Student Athletes of Washington.

“We are writing to ask that the traditional fall sports not be delayed or postponed, thereby allowing them to be played this fall as originally scheduled,” the petition reads.

The petition goes on to say that the athletes feel their voice is not being considered or heard by those who are making decisions.

SAW mentioned several repercussions of not having fall sports including depression and lack of structure, among others.

SAW goes on to acknowledge the risks associated with playing but says the athletes know to stay away from vulnerable populations.

In a tweet, Norah said the group is planning to march at the State Capitol in Olympia on Thursday.

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