Kim Schrier runs for 8th District Democratic nomination

“It comes down to really American values,” Kim Schrier said as she walked down Front Street in Issaquah, discussing why she is running for Congress. “These are not left values, right values, these are just plain old American values with how we respect each other and welcome immigrants.”

Kim Schrier introduces herself as a pediatrician and says protecting access to health care is one of her primary reasons for running for Congress.

“So, what I've proposed in my health care plan is that every person in this country can buy into Medicare as a public option.” She sees that as a significant first step toward "Medicare for All."

And Monday's Trump-Putin news conference, where the president of the United States sided with the president of Russia, is an example of another key reason she is running.

“We need checks and balances on this president. And if we have evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, then it is our responsibility to raise articles of impeachment.” Asked if she sees evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, Schrier responded, “I think today was a pretty good example of siding with a foreign leader -- a foreign dictator -- over our own intelligence agencies.

She's horrified by the separations of parents and children at the border-- but is not joining calls to “Abolish ICE,” as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is known.

“Fundamentally, I don't think ICE is the problem; the problem [is] the directive that's coming from above and there will always be people who take orders too far. There will always be rogue agents, but fundamentally, what we need to do is change the orders coming from the top.”

Schrier is among three strong Democratic candidates competing in the 8th District.

She wants to use the unique platform given to Congressional representatives.

Schrier says she would “be a fierce advocate for woman's reproductive rights, health care, and matters of interest to families and children.”

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