‘Issaquah is bear country’: City shares new video, offers tips to avoid encounters

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — The City of Issaquah says recent reports of black bear activity are a reminder to take action to avoid coming across the animal.

“Issaquah is bear country. Throughout the Pacific Northwest, spring and summer are bear season,” the city said on its website.

It shared new video of a bear spotted roaming around on Wednesday.

It shows the bear running along a sidewalk in the Issaquah Highlands before cutting in front of traffic, and then disappearing out of sight.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has tips to avoid bear encounters such as securing garbage cans and pet food, which can attract a hungry animal.

You should also thoroughly clean barbecue grills after each use, clean up fallen fruit and remove birdfeeders until winter.

WDFW says you should never feed bears or other wild animals. Unintentionally or “negligently” feeding bears has an $87 fine. The fine for intentionally feeding a bear can be as much as $1,000.

Officials say if you come across a bear, pick up small children, but do not run.

Instead, stand tall, wave your arms above your head, and shout.

Never approach a bear and be sure to leave it a route to escape the area.