ICE protesters march through Seattle

SEATTLE — Protesters who want to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement marched through Seattle Saturday afternoon.

After a protest turned violent on Wednesday, police watched the group carefully.

About 50 people met at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square at 2 p.m. and then marched several miles through Seattle before circling back to the park.

The protesters want President Joe Biden to end ICE, which they say has targeted minorities.

Unlike the destructive demonstration on Wednesday, this protest was peaceful and calm.

After businesses were damaged and fires were set on inauguration day, Seattle police said they are actively working with the prosecutor’s office to go after anyone who is being violent or damaging property.

“Our businesses have been greatly impacted. We lost hundreds of businesses due to COVID, and due to some of the violence that has occurred, and we need to make sure we restore some level of order,” said Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz.

In contrast to Wednesday night’s protest, when stores and other businesses were battered, particularly a Starbucks near Pike Place Market, Saturday’s march passed by several Starbucks stores and not one was touched.

By 5:30 p.m., most people who were involved in the march had left.