Gov. Inslee names KIRO 7’s Essex Porter as “Washingtonian of the Day”

While closing out a news conference Thursday, Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation declaring KIRO 7′s Essex Porter as “Washingtonian of the Day.”

Inslee said, “As you know, I have the ability to recognize individuals in Washington who are particularly inspiring and have done an extraordinary amount for the Washington community.

“And when I meet somebody like that, I get to declare them the Washingtonian of the Day.”

At this point in the presentation, Inslee removed a pin from his lapel.

“And when I do that, I take off my Governor’s pin and I get to pin it on them.

“Today, I’m going to recognize the Washingtonian of the Day, a person who has done an incredibly effective job for 39 years sharing the truth, as he can ascertain it, with Washingtonians.

“Someone who has worked for KIRO, who was one of the first on the Mt. St. Helen’s story, and every single day helped Washingtonians figure out what’s going on in their state.

“He’s a person that epitomizes professionalism in journalism because you can tell when you talk to this man, he cares about objective truth, rather than scoring points on anyone.

“He tries to look for the best in people.”

Inslee continued, “He’s given confidence to me throughout the years that people have a real pro on the job providing true news to Washingtonians.

“So, today the Washingtonian of the Day is Essex Porter.”

Inslee raised his pin.

“And, Essex, I look forward to when I can personally give you this apple pin, as well as a very inexpensively framed ‘Essex Porter, Washingtonian of the Day.’

“We wish you well. I have to say, I will miss working with you.

“You have made me a better governor.

“You have inspired me with your insights.

“You have tested me with your questions.

“And, I have never felt, for a second, that you were unfair to anybody in the state of Washington.

“That’s a heck of an attribute for a professional journalist.”

Gov. Inslee then called for a round of applause.

Watch Gov. Inslee’s entire presentation and Essex’s response above.