Gambler accused of cheating a Snohomish County casino

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — A gambler is charged with cheating a Snohomish County casino out of more than $38,000 after his alleged sleight of hand was caught on camera.

Surveillance video released by the Washington State Gambling Commission shows one of the 38 times investigators say 51 year old Fredrick Steven Nolan cheated the Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace.

"Our suspect visited the casino almost daily for a six week period. He was careful, though. We reviewed and it looks like he never went to the same dealer more than about twice in a night," said Heather Songer of the Washington State Gambling Commission.

On a night in January, investigators say Nolan played three spots of High Card Flush.

After distracting the dealer by requesting an exchange of chips, through sleight of hand, investigators say he moved a card from one spot to another, folded two of the spots  and produced a straight flush.

Investigators say that single cheating act cost the house at least $3,280.

All told, prosecutors say Nolan cheated the Crazy Moose out of $38,335.

"Casinos are a big target," Songer said. "There's a lot of money flowing through and there's a big temptation.  Unfortunately, we do see frequent situations where people switch cards or utilize other cheating schemes but they're almost always caught."

Nolan is charged in Snohomish County with a felony and a gross misdemeanor.

Prosecutors in King County are now reviewing evidence about incidents there.

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