FBI Ten Most-Wanted fugitive from Tacoma in custody

FBI Ten Most-Wanted fugitive from Tacoma in custody
Santiago Mederos.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Friday evening that it has taken into custody one of its “Ten Most Wanted” fugitives, Santiago Mederos, for the murder of 20-year-old Camille Love of Tacoma.

Authorities arrested Mederos without incident in Mexico and now he’s back in the United States.

Love and her brother, Josh Love, were shot 10 years ago in what investigators believe was a case of mistaken identity.

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The siblings were not gang members but they were driving a red car, and Josh Love was wearing a red jacket, which was the color of the shooter’s rival gang.

“This arrest is (the) result of good, old-fashioned detective work and a great collaborative effort with our federal and international partners, said Raymond Duda, the special agent in charge. "Hopefully, the families of Mederos’ victims will finally see a resolution for these senseless acts.”

Five gang members have already been convicted in the shooting.