Family of another missing Thurston County person expresses concern

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — There have been two other missing person cases within miles where Gabriel Davies was last seen.

In 2016, Logan Schindalman went missing off Interstate 5 in Rochester after witnesses say he crashed his car in the median and ran off; in 2019, Matthew Anfeldt went missing while showing unusual behavior and was last seen at a Speedway gas station off Highway 99.

Matthew’s mother, Sarah, says Davies case has brought up a lot of painful memories. And it’s a pain she knows his family is going through.

“As a mom, I’m thinking of his mom and what I went through. And what I still continue to go through almost 4 years later. … You can’t explain it. No one should have to endure this. No one,” Sarah Anfeldt said.

She says there isn’t a day that goes by where she isn’t thinking about Matthew’s smile.

“He had a smile that could light up a room. I know moms and dads say that, but I’m telling you there was something different about him,” Anfeldt said.

As someone who has experienced this before, she says it’s important for the community to show support for the family.

“But let people in. Let people help that have been through it,” Anfeldt said.

“Because while people might think they know or understand, you don’t know until you’ve been in these shoes,” Anfeldt said.

Anfeldt, along with the rest of the county, hopes Gabriel is found soon.

“The only thing that I can hope and pray for is that there is a quick resolution to this,” Anfeldt said.

Anfeldt says a lot of missing person cases are handled in various ways. “They are just not handled the way that one would assume. There’s a lot of things I wish I had really not have relied on just the police,” Andfeldt said.

She says it’s important for people to reach out to the police if they do see anything. “Please, please, please take those things to the police. Please, please, please. It’s ok to say I’ve reported it to the police so the family knows about it,” Anfeldt said.

She says the response from her former community is incredible. “But I’m really proud of the community. You know, watching everybody go what the heck is going on and sort of throwing their arms up and standing up for this,” Anfeldt said.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with any information to reach out to them. Their contact information can be found here.