Everett’s ‘The Soup Nazi Kitchen’ attracts protests before it even opens

EVERETT, Wash. — “The Soup Nazi Kitchen” hasn’t even opened yet, and people are already calling for a boycott.

By including the word “Nazi” in the title, owner Andrew Ho told KIRO 7 he simply wanted to push back against political correctness.

“If you’re an artist, artists always test boundaries,” he said.  He added, “80% of Americans think political correctness is a problem, so 20% are running away with it.”

Unlike the actual “Soup Nazi” episode of “Seinfeld,” many people along Everett’s Hoyt Avenue found absolutely no humor in the situation.

“It’s going attract a lot of right-wing ideology and white supremacy,” said a woman who protested outside of the restaurant.

While the “Nazi” reference has since been removed from the sign, protesters said this situation goes well beyond a simple title.

“(The owner of the restaurant) wrote a book, ‘How to Cook Like a Racist,’” said a protester. “He’s got signs like that on his counter.”

Anger reached a breaking point earlier this week when the vandals smashed the restaurant’s windows.

In the process, nearby business owners said they are worried about the safety of their own customers.

“You don’t know what else could happen, so I canceled my classes yesterday just out of protection for my clients,” said nearby business owner Cindy Devier.

Despite so much attention, Ho said he is not shying away from more controversy, telling KIRO 7 the restaurant will have a rotating set of titles.

“Next week will be ‘Soup Pol Pot Kitchen,’” he said.  “I always test everything out.”

Ho added that he hoped to open for business in a matter of weeks.

He said the plan was for him to start operations in January but that electrical work inside the establishment had taken longer than expected.