Everett bar owner arrested for multiple alleged sexual assaults

EVERETT, Wash. — The owner of an Everett bar is in accused of sexually assaulting his own customers, and police believe there may be more victims.

There were plenty of rumors that the pub is not a particularly safe place for a drink, especially for women. Everett police said they have enough evidence to arrest the owner for sexual assault.

It is an unassuming bar in an Everett neighborhood with a picturesque view of Puget Sound. But the picture being painted of what went on inside the Anchor Pub is anything but.

A woman told Everett police she believed she was drugged then sexually assaulted after just a couple of drinks there in 2020. She doesn’t remember any of it, but an examination in a local hospital confirmed her worst fears.

“Through our investigation, our detectives developed probable cause for several cases of rape and indecent liberties against an Everett business owner,” Everett Police spokesman Aaron Snell said.

Snell said the first victim to come forward wasn’t the only one.

“At this point in time, there are three victims,” said Snell, “two cases of rape and one count of indecent liberties.” One of those cases involves a man.

Snell said officers had heard the rumors about the Anchor Pub and the danger to some of its customers. But they didn’t have much to go on until a woman came forward.

“Yeah, that is the difficulty in these cases,” said Snell. “Oftentimes people don’t come forward because there’s been alcohol involved and/or they don’t know exactly what occurred. And so, sometimes, there’s embarrassment.”

But he encourages those who think they were victimized there to come forward, too.

“So, that way it can be properly investigated,” Snell said.

The owner is expected to have his first court appearance Monday. That’s when more information will be revealed.

Anyone with information about the crimes, or who has been victimized in past incidents, is asked to call the Everett Police Department Tip Line at 425-257-8450.