Dinosaurs take over Washington State Fairgrounds in new drive-thru experience

It’s a Jurassic journey of prehistoric proportions in Puyallup.

“Different and magical is the words I like to use here today. We do have the Dinosaur Adventure going on here,” said Christopher Plakut, a dinosaur trainer with the drive-thru show.

There are 80 life-sized dinosaurs are taking over the Washington State Fairgrounds. You can see for yourself what a stegosaurus would have looked like 65 million years ago, a 30-foot brachiosaurus, a 40-foot T-rex and even their babies.

Prior to the pandemic, this was a traveling indoor exhibit. But the production company had to pivot and hit the road with this drive-thru experience.

Visitors have to buy a timed ticket in advance to enter. Once inside, you follow a one-way path. You can even listen in on a guided audio tour, learning all about the dinosaurs and the time periods they lived.

Folks we talked to say it’s a great option for a little social distancing fun.

“A drive-thru activity is the best right now. Get out of the house and we get to see something different,” said Terry Martin from Auburn.

“It’s nice to have things that’s different for the kids with a lot of parks being closed and whatnot,” added Mark, a dad from Renton.

And what’s a trip to the fairgrounds without some fair food?

“We love it. Our kids are dinosaur fans,” said Sam Molar of Olympia.

You can see the Jurassic giants for yourself Thursdays to Sundays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. until Nov. 1st.

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