Reckless handling of a firearm leads to death of Burien teenager, deputies say

BURIEN, Wash. — A 16-year-old is facing a manslaughter charge after allegedly shooting and killing his friend Tuesday night in Burien.

The victim, 14-year-old Onjeray Devereaux, who went by OJ, is being mourned by the youth football community.

“He was definitely a standout player,” said Kyle Wilson, a commissioner for the Greater Seattle Youth Football and Cheer League. “He has a unique look because he chooses No. 1 and in the football community that means you’re the best on the field so I'm looking for to see if you’re the best on the field.”

Wilson has known OJ through the league for the last five years and said OJ was a rare combination of talent and hard work who could play any position.

“He was a needed kid. We need to get him, we need to get OJ, OJ is playing, oh yea we are good. He was definitely one to count on to win or make a big play,” Wilson explained.

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Wilson was shocked to learn that OJ was killed by a 16-year-old friend in what authorities say was "reckless handling of a handgun." Investigators said the two teens were passing a gun around in a detached garage of the 16-year-old's home in Burien when it went off, hitting OJ in the head.

“Just taking the whole scenario. It's tough. Definitely tough,” Wilson said. “I'm a commissioner. I’m a parent. My son ran with this kid. I know this kid. It’s pretty devastating.”

Wilson said he wants this tragedy to serve as a wake-up call to other kids.

“This can happen. This can happen to you.  A bullet doesn't have a name. That’s an old phrase that's used,” Wilson added. “Guns are not to play with.”

KIRO 7 has also learned there was a third person in the garage when the gun went off. Investigators said the 19-year-old witness corroborates what happened.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is waiting for an ATF trace of the handgun to learn where it came from.