Cocoon-like patient device to be tested during emergency drills

The patient-isolation system, atop a gurney, will be tested in a simulation involving a medical manikin.

QUILCENE, Wash. — People living in east Jefferson County will see increased activity by emergency vehicles next month during exercises to test a new medical device.

During the week of Sept. 12, first responders and a medical crew from Airlift Northwest will test a cocoon-like device that envelopes patients with infections. The device is meant to protect health care workers while patients are being transported by ground or airlift.

Residents should not be alarmed by the increased activity, UW Medicine critical-care specialist Dr. Laura Evans said.

During the exercises, a medical manikin at the Quilcene Fire Department will be transported in an ambulance and a helicopter. Each will be outfitted with the clear, cocoon-like structure that surrounds a patient but allows health care workers to check vital statistics and give care.

Extended trips will give crews the opportunity to work with the manikin through the device.

The goal of the exercises is to get feedback on the device’s value and ease of use.

Read more about the emergency drills and ISTARI prototype transport envelope at this link.