Bobcat kitten rescued from garage in city of Snohomish

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — A bobcat kitten was rescued Thursday evening from the garage of a resident in Snohomish.

Officials with Sarvey Wildlife Care Center said a staff member responded to a message on their Facebook page about the bobcat.

Crews said they were able to catch it after some maneuvering, placing it in a crate. The kitten was thin and quite dehydrated, and it was clear it was separated from its mother, officials said.

The bobcat kitten was said to be about 7 weeks old, three pounds and described as feisty.

Crews with Sarvey said they did not know where the kitten’s mother and siblings are, so they are looking to find a buddy for the kitten at another facility and will release the kitten when it is grown.